nine days




9 days





Santa Cruz



Day 1: Arrival in Santiago

We will pick you up at the airport and transfer you to your hotel. In the afternoon, visit our hangar at Tobalaba airfield. There will be a short check-out in your chosen airplane followed by a welcome dinner and a chance to go over your tour details and flight plan.


Day 2: Santiago – Santa Cruz

As we fly along the coast, catch a bird’s-eye view of Chile’s world-renowned vineyards. Visit a winery, take some lessons from a professional wine taster and put your new knowledge into practice as you enjoy a gourmet dinner.


Day 3: Santa Cruz - Pucon

Start the day in Chile’s central valley and end it looking down into the crater of an active volcano from 12,000 ft up. Truly, an incredible day of flying.


Day 4: Pucon - Puyehue

Chile’s Lake District at its best. Fly over native forests, crystalline rivers and snow-capped volcanoes to Puyehue, where you will spend the night at Chile’s finest hot springs resort.


Day 5: Puyehue - Castro

More lakes and volcanoes pave the way to Chiloe, an island with a very Chilean flavor.

The flight over the sea-waters of Chacao Channel transports you to a place full of historical significance, from its wooden churches to its small fishing towns.


Day 6: Castro - Chollinco

A myriad of uninhabited islands and fiords lie before us as we head back inland over the Gulf of Ancud. Fly alongside the Andes Mountains and point the nose of your plane towards Lake Ranco, where we will spend the next two nights.


Day 7: Chollinco

A welcome rest after some intense days of flying. A great opportunity to go salmon and trout fishing while you breathe in the magic of Chile’s south.


Day 8: Chollinco - Vichuquen

Enjoy the changing landscapes and vegetation as we venture north again, en route to the seaside lake of Vichuquen, with its sumptuous holiday homes.


Day 9: Vichuquen - Santiago

A short hop back to Tobalaba airfield and you are ready for more adventure.