The Cessna Skyhawk is one of the most reliable General Aviation Aircraft ever built. Almost every pilot has flown one along his/her career. Based on its longevity and popularity, it is considered the most successful aircraft in history.


We have three variants of the Cessna 172 available for you to choose and fly along your trip.


The options vary from a modified C172E, a modern C172SP to a C172RG or depending on your experience and preferences, we can arrange another airplane for you.



Equipped with an 180HP Lycoming Engine, Fuel Injected and four leathered seats. AIN is the most modern of our fleet. Built in 2003, develops 110 Knots Indicated Airspeed that can take you from Santiago to Vichuquen Lake in just one hour. You can fly up to five hours without stops, for example, from Santiago to Castro in Chiloe Island.




Cessna’s High Wing design makes them perfect for scenic flights. AIL is equipped with Retractable Landing Gear, allowing you to have an improved sight of all the places you’re overflying. Its cruise speed of 130 KIAS can take you from one place to another very quick. AIL has a Maximum Take Off Weight of 2,650 Pounds and up to six hours of endurance.




We’ve equipped CQZ with semi-tundra tires; it now has a Constant Speed Propeller, 180HP Lycoming Engine, STOL Kit and Auxiliary Fuel Tanks that extend the endurance up to six hours. It has a Maximum Take Off Weight of 2,300 pounds, wide windows and a comfortable interior makes it an ideal airplane for short and non-prepared runways.