No one knows Chile like we do


Tour Aviation Chile was born from a desire to show this incredible country to the world. And what better way to enjoy the sights than from the pilot’s seat of a high-winged aircraft where you decide the route? We reasoned: “People want to see Chile, and pilots want to fly in new and exciting places”. So we brought both concepts together and created the first self-fly tours in South America.


At the heart of this dream is Jaime Hernandez, a man who with 7,000 hours of flight time under his belt at only 42 years of age, is quite the expert on flying in Chile. He knows every town, lake, river, island, volcano, airport, paved runway and grass landing strip this country has to offer. He is joined by a team of young but experienced pilot-guides, each of which will help you with radio communications, local regulations and every tip that is needed to make this an unmatched experience.


A  land like no other place on earth


Located along the western coast of South America and stretching 2,600 miles from the Tropics to the Antarctic, Chile’s landscapes vary as widely as does the climate and culture.


The northern part of the country is host to strings of beaches and coves, salt plains, geysers and the most arid desert in the world, the Atacama. Wine lovers will enjoy the central valleys, with world-renowned vineyards and Pisqueras, lying in the shadow of the tallest peaks of the Andes Mountains. Moving on south, the landscape changes radically and offers a myriad of deep blue lakes, trout-filled rivers, snow-capped volcanoes, native forests and Patagonian glaciers.


The political stability and sustained economic growth Chile has enjoyed over the past two decades make it one of the safest countries to visit in the American continent.

  • Aircraft rental for the tour

  • Full-time pilot/guide

  • Fees and taxes included

  • Most meals

  • Hotel accommodations

  • Ground tours

  • Ground transportation

  • Shuttle to and from Santiago Airport

  • GPS and charts

  • Flight planning

  • Weather forecast information