Self-flown tours at the end of the world

Ever wanted to look down into the crater of a volcano while perched in your pilot’s seat from 12,000 ft. up? Or navigate in between the peaks of the Andes Mountain Range as you cross from Chile to Argentina? Then you have found the right place. Hop onboard the ultimate experience in self-fly tours: Tour Aviation Chile. We invite you to this magnificent country, filled with breathtaking landscapes and sights that you won’t see anywhere else in the world.


You fly; we will take care of the rest. Our service is exclusive and all inclusive. Pre-arranged lodging, shuttles, meals, tours and planes – it’s all covered. Great care is taken with each detail to help you make the most out of this once in a lifetime adventure.

Maybe you’d like to try out a twin-engine. Or soar over the Andes Mountains in a glider. We will work within your budget range and trip duration to customize a tour that is perfect for you. It’s what we do!


Your safety is our concern. For your peace of mind, an experienced pilot will accompany you on all flights, helping you negotiate local maps, radio communication and every detail of your tour.


So relax, pull back on the yoke and let us take you to new heights with Tour Aviation Chile!



"Chilean hospitality is so genuine and over-the-top that when it’s time for goodbyes, sadness is replaced with a feeling of belonging. The aviation community in this corner of South America is as welcoming as they get. "


Plane & Pilot, June 2006 issue



"Flying around southern Chile was one of the best experiences I've had. The scenery was amazing, and Jaime and his team couldn't have been more welcoming. I'm definitely coming back to fly the northern route!"


Jessica Ambats, California, USA